The Ultimate Tech in Human Design

The Divine intellect of nature is unfathomable and awe-inspiring. Big term, but stick with me for a minute. This is where science attempts to replicate the wisdom and perfection of nature’s design in order to create inventions or engineer answers depending upon what they learn from nature. By way of instance, humans still not make a material that comes anywhere near matching the potency and versatility of a spider’s thread.

Human Design

Well, people have been talented from Nature, The divine or anything you prefer to call the Universal Intelligence that flows through all things with amazing technologies and characteristics. These attributes are packed right inside of each of us awaiting our activation and consciousness that they exist. We were born to make and shape adventures according to our led will. We are creative spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Actually, scientists are very busy analyzing and measuring the vibrations of thought and how the energy from thought coalesces and builds sub atomic particles and molecules to thing. For anyone that remembers their chemistry course, we know that molecules make matter, and thing is what our physical truths are comprised of.

Some of the most prestigious universities in the world are studying the effects of concentrated thought or prayer and meditation, as some like to call it and the power it must really change human anatomy and physical matter.  They have illustrated how a cell will really change, heal based upon the energetic vibration of a specific thought or intention launched at it.

Further scientists are even measuring the effects of human design how someone else’s ideas can heal the cells in another individual’s body. Turning fear and hate into love and compassion is spiritual alchemy or Creation at its finest.   It is life altering our physical world around us becomes a reflection of our new and enhanced thought form.

 It is the way of strengthening your weaknesses and polishing your strengths.  It is a continuous relationship with yourself and your own becoming – you’re changing over time. Self growth is not a goal it is a process, a journey.

When you realize and are consciously aware of our amazing individual Design, an individual cannot help but be intrigued or motivated to get and utilize all our inner equipment and abilities to transform our ideas for their highest good and to create a better life experience for our kids, ourselves and the world.

Protection of the forests, by way of instance, and, stricter compliance with animal and plant endangered species regulations. The environmental equation existed long before human intellect commanded more rights to restrain it.

Author: Grey